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About Company

Weaving Nature, Stitching Quality

Welcome to StitchesBD, your trusted partner in exporting high-quality jute and seagrass products. Established in 2017, StitchesBD takes pride in delivering sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to customers worldwide.

Our Mission

At StitchesBD, we are driven by a mission to promote the inherent beauty of natural fibers while contributing to environmental sustainability. We believe in the power of jute and seagrass to create exquisite, durable, and environmentally conscious products.

Our Products

StitchesBD specializes in exporting a diverse range of jute and seagrass products. From stylish bags and home decor to functional and innovative solutions, our products blend traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design. Each item is a testament to the rich heritage of natural fibers, meticulously crafted to meet the highest standards.

Why Choose StitchesBD?

  1. Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. StitchesBD products undergo stringent quality checks to ensure durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.
  2. Sustainability: We prioritize sustainability in every aspect of our operations. By choosing StitchesBD, you contribute to a greener planet, as our products are made from renewable and biodegradable materials.
  3. Global Reach: StitchesBD proudly serves clients worldwide, fostering international partnerships and connecting diverse markets with our premium jute and seagrass products.

Our Journey

Founded in 2017, StitchesBD has rapidly grown into a reliable exporter, building on a foundation of integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Our journey is marked by a passion for natural fibers and a dedication to delivering excellence.

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Superior product/service performance.


Positive brand image and reliability.

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Trust from consistent positive experiences.